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Our Mission​   

         Harbor Lights Oyster Company offers high quality oysters to wholesalers and high end restaurants year round.  Oysters are filter feeders and what they eat affects their taste. The waters of the north fork have a long and storied history of producing the best oysters in the world. We are fortunate to raise our Diamond Jim oysters in the same waters.  

          We provide our customers with a consistent quality product harvested and shipped within 24 hours of ordering. Frequent testing insures that our product meets the highest standards of health certification. Additionally, every effort is made to produce oysters in an eco-friendly manner using accepted best management practices.

          The extra care we put in to our crop results in an oyster of exceptional quality, with a strong, beautiful shell and perfect cup formation. Most importantly is taste. From the briny crisp flavor of their liquor, to their plump and tender meat, these oysters are beyond compare. Some of the east ends finest restaurant owners, their chefs and oyster connoisseurs have given our babies stellar reviews.

          We are so proud to be able to offer you a taste of the past and present. We believe you will be as excited as we are and thrilled to offer your customers superb quality and unique flavor.


Ted Bucci
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